This is how to build a simple aeroponic bucket.



All component materials should be nonhazardous/noncancerous. For tools and supplementary instructions see: hydroculture DIY

  • 5 gallon bucket with lid
  • pump: fountain
  • pex tubing
  • sprinkler head: grass type
  • plastic grommet: larger than plug socket depending on configuration



Modification on the bucket is optional. Cut holes in the lid for net pots. Then cut a hole for a grommet, either in the lid or close to the top of the bucket. This is to protect the wire from damage that could cause an electrical hazard.

The water pump can be super-glued or tie wrapped to a heavy object to keep it from moving. Place water pump inside the bucket, thread the wire through the grommet. Water can spill out of here, so keep electrical connections higher than and away from this. The remaining space between the wire and the grommet can be filled in, without a material that can scratch or otherwise damage the electrical wire: cut a slit in a smaller grommet to fit around wire.

Fit pex tubing on water pump connector. Some grass sprinkler heads will fit inside of the pex tubing.

Now it is time for finishing touches.