HydroGeoSphere/Specified Flowrate

This is a special case of the second-type, Neumann, specified or constant flux boundary condition. It is a nodal property and so you should first choose the subset of nodes for which you want to apply the condition.

If the node was assigned a specified head or fluid flux by a previous instruction then it will not be modified by specified flowrate instructions.

Specified volumetric flowrateEdit

  1. npanel Number of panels in the time-variable volumetric flowrate. For each panel, enter the following:
(a) ton_val, bc_val Time on [T] and specified volumetric flowrate [L3 T−1].

Chosen nodes in the currently active media (see Section 5.8.1) are assigned a time-variable flowrate value. A panel is a point in time at which the specified flowrate is set to a new value. The first panel would normally start at time zero. The flowrate given for the last panel will be maintained until the end of the simulation. You can assign a static flowrate for the duration of the simulation by setting npanel to 1 and ton_val to 0.0.

Nodal volumetric flowrates [L3 T−1] are applied directly to the chosen nodes.

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