HydroGeoSphere/Reading an Existing 3-D Grid

In some cases, the grid generation step can be very time-consuming. If this is so, then the following instruction can be used to read a grid which was generated in a previous run:

Read 3D gridEdit

The grid whose prefix matches that of the prefix.grok file will be read in.

These instructions show how to set up the grid generation section of the prefix.grok file to use the Read 3d grid instruction:

! Generate the grid for first run
   ! skip on

   read gb 2d grid

   generate layers from gb 2d grid
   .true.                           ! zone by layer?
   .false.                          ! base elevation constant?
   1                                ! layer
   Whole domain
   20                               ! sublayer
   .false.                          ! top elevation constant?

   write faces and segments
   !skip off

   skip on
   ! Read previously defined grid for subsequent runs
   read 3D grid
   skip off

end grid definition

In the first run, one can read the slice and generate the layered grid. It is important that the instruction write faces and segments be included if you are using any of the choose face or choose segment instructions later in the prefix.grok file.

On subsequent runs, one can skip over the grid generation commands and use the read 3D grid instruction instead.

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