HydroGeoSphere/Manipulating the 3-D Grid

Tilt grid xEdit

Tilts a grid by 90oaround the x-axis. This is especially suitable in conjunction with the instruction read slice which reads a two-dimensional grid (parallel to the xy-plane) in gms format.

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Tilt grid yEdit

As above but for the y-axis.

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Adapt grid to fracturesEdit

  1. adapt_g2f_mode An integer value indicating how the grid is adapted to inclined fractures.

If block elements are used, two inclined fractures may intersect in the middle of an element instead of on a grid node, so the fractures will not be connected unless additional nodes are specified.

Acceptable values for the variable adapt_g2f_mode and the actions taken in each case are:

0     No action is taken.
1     New grid lines are added.
2     The block element is substituted by four prisms.
3     Inclined faces are not selected in the block element where the problem occurs.

The default value is 1.

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