HydroGeoSphere/Hydromechanical Stress

Hydromechanical stresses can be computed externally and used as input to grok using the following instruction:

Elemental stress field from files edit

  1. npanel Number of panels (i.e. files) defining the time-variable external stress field. For each panel, enter the following:
(a) ton_val, esvfile Time on [T] and name of file containing elemental stress stress values [L].

This information is passed to HydroGeoSphere. At each timestep, the current time is compared to the array ton_val to determine whether or not to apply the update the current set of elemental stress values by reading the next file in the list.

Each file must be in ASCII format and contain a list of elemental stress values (i.e. one value for each element in the 3-D domain), expressed as equivalent freshwater head.

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