HydroGeoSphere/File Process Control Options

The following instructions control how the preprocessor treats instructions in the prefix.grok file and can be inserted at any point in the file and as often as required, except of course when input for a specific instruction is expected.

Echo offEdit

By default, as instructions are read by grok they are echoed to the screen. This command turns off this feature.

• • •

Echo onEdit

This commands turns on the echoing of instructions to the screen.

• • •

Skip onEdit

With skip mode turned on, grok will read but not act on any subsequent instructions.

• • •

Skip offEdit

Turns skip mode off, so grok will resume acting on instructions.

• • •

Skip restEdit

grok exits the loop for reading instructions from the prefix.grok file and proceeds to generate the HydroGeoSphere data files.

• • •


This instruction causes grok to pause at the current location in the prefix.grok file until the user presses a key.

• • •

In the following sections, we will now describe in detail the various actions of the preprocessor, giving instructions for setting up the prefix.grok file where necessary.