How to Protect your Internet Anonymity and Privacy

From protecting your online privacy, bypassing censorship, to fighting tyranny, this book aims to provide practical software and instructions for novices and the experienced. The emphasis is on the use of free and widely available tools to level the playing field against resourceful and powerful adversaries. With increasingly powerful computers, a modest laptop can use a massive P2P network such as Tor to hide your trails, or create a virtual machine with a virtual private network for kids to play safely online.

The game changer in this space is the popularity of low cost cloud hosting, and at the other end, netbooks and nettops. Users can have their own proxy, VPN, or more sophisticated anonymity systems such as TOR. Anonymity conscious users will push their defense from the firewall to the cloud, just like when they pushed their defense from PC based software to low-cost firewalls. The success of the firewall is not because every user wants security bad. It's because it's a necessity for home networking, connecting all your computers, printers, scanners, game consoles, media centers, and even Skype phones.

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