How to Frame a Picture/Equipment required

Equipment suggested for picture framingEdit

  • Sharp pencil (2B recommended, as it will leave clear sharp lines)
  • Notebook (for recording colours for matboard, frame types and measurements - and for calculating costs)
  • Retractable tape measure
  • Metal ruler
  • Sharp knife
Retractable snap-off bladed knife works well.

Frame cutting and assemblyEdit

  • Mitre saw, or guillotine
  • Bounding tape thing
  • Corner tacking gun, with tacks

Glass cuttingEdit

  • Oil filled glass cutter
  • Cotton gloves

Mat cuttingEdit

  • Square and rightangle ruler based cutter
Note: a ruler and a knife just doesn't cut it ;)

Advanced stuffEdit

Sample mat board collectionEdit


Mat boardEdit

The spare mat board is easy to store in an old map drawer cabinet. These can be often be picked up at ex-government furniture stores.


Frame materialEdit

Standing against the wall, or up in the rafters.