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Physics Wikibook
Newtonian Gravitation
The Free High School Science Texts Wikibook
Pinewood Derby
Pinewood Derby Media
Wikimedia Commons
Coherent Guide to Scouting Wikibook

Construction Tutorials edit

Designing Your Car
in The Virtual Cubscout Leaders Handbook
'Ol Buffalo Pinecar Page
Tutorial and links
Pinewood Derby Car Design
By Stan Pope
Pinewood Derby Supersite
The San Diego 500 Resource
Ultimate Pinewood Derby Site
by Randy Worcester

Books and Videos edit

Cub Scout grand prix
Pinewood derby guidebook;by Boys Scouts of AmericaI, '1992', ISBN 978-0839537212
Down and Derby
Excel Entertainment, 2006
Extreme Pinewood Racing Advanced Technique & Design (Volume 1)
by T. Dean White, Pinewood Extreme Enterprises,2005,
How to Book - Formula for Building & Racing PineCars
by Woodland Scenics (Corporate Author), 1988, ISBN 978-1887436045
How to Build a Champion Pinewood Derby Race Car (video)
Superior Promotions, 1999,
How to Win a Pinewood Derby
by Thomas L. Pedigo, Winning Edge Publications, 2002, ISBN 978-0976851257
Learn to Build a Winner
by Stan Pope, 2002,
Pinewood Derby Design Secrets
by DK Publishing, 2007, ISBN 978-0756632625
Pinewood Derby Speed Secrets - Design and Build the Ultimate Car
by David Meade, DK Publishing, 2006, ISBN 978-0756627331
The fastest car in the county( fiction)
by Nancy Simpson Levene, Chariot Books, 1992, ISBN 1555133959
What Every Parent Should Know About Pinewood Derby Cars & More
ISBN 9780966403404
Winning Pinewood Derby Secrets
by Joe Gargiulo, Pinewood Pro Publishing, 1999-2015, ISBN 978-0981937809,

Rules edit

Pinewood Mania
Rules Links

Parts and Supplies edit

Shape N Race
Car kits, supplies, how-to's, go fast, and design tips
Pinewood Extreme
Parts, supplies, designs and design tips
ABC Pinewood Derby
Parts, supplies, designs and design tips
Maximum Velocity
Parts, supplies, designs and design tips
Pinewood Pro
Parts, supplies, designs and design tips
Derby Champ
Parts, supplies, designs and design tips

Discussion edit

Derby Talk
phpBB Board
ProBoard discussion
Pinewood Derby Drag Racing Forum