How To Become A Good Student/Conclusion

Now as a good student, you are allowed to contribute for the good. So, there are some facts that you must know after reading this Wikibook.

1.) Being a good student doesn't mean that you must be an angel. Because, at some situations you have to be a little rugged, "NOT MEAN". If someone fights with you, you first ignore but then if he insists, show him a good knuckle sandwich, but that doesn't matter. The thing that matters is your judgement to decide when to fight and when not to.

2.) As a good student, advantages of a good education must be known to you now. So, if you want to be better, always try knowing more, search good articles at Wikipedia, read good educational books. Contribute to a good field and plan an excellent career at this stage to prevent future difficulties.

3.) I created a quote that A magician tries to conceal his teachings but a good student always spreads/reveals his knowledge. Always help and support others as much as you can. If anyone is always getting bad grades, improve him so not only you but he's also happy. Of course, helping doesn't include cheating.

I hope you may follow these tips in your future. You are about to be on your journey as a good student for the first time. That's all you need to know! Take care and have a very happy life!