How To Beat The Draft Board/Claim3

Claim #3: Divinity Student (2-D) or Minister (4-D) edit

These claims are almost unfairly easy to land … if you have the qualifications. They tend to be "just the facts"; reviews, so the particular board isn't as important as it is with prior claims.

Divinity Students edit

For a divinity student, you must prove that you are preparing for the ministry under direction of a recognized church or religious organization, making satisfactory progress, and working towards this full time. The school must be a recognized theological or divinity school. The church must have an organized structure, congregations chapters or groups, scheduled services/meetings, liturgical materials, shared beliefs, and a governing body. About the only personal judgment the board would likely weigh is how long you've been in the school (more than one semester is probably good enough). The length of the exemption is 12 months or less. You can then reapply for another deferment.

Ministers edit

For a minister, you must be recognized by your church as a minister of religion, the church must be established as a community of faith and belief, doctrines, and practices. Ministering must be your primary focus. The only kind of judging that may come into play here is if you're part of a religion where "everyone" is a minister, such as the Jehovah's Witnesses, or if the church you claim to be a minister for is itself iffy. There is no expiration date for this claim.

Judging edit

I'll again stress that there is very little judging here apart from the facts of the case (so have everything documented and signed!). Witnesses aren't very important compared to prior claims, but are unlikely to hurt. You could come in looking high and have a criminal record, but if your papers are in order, it would be very hard for the board to deny your claim.

How To Beat The Draft Board
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