House Construction/Interior details

Interior details edit

Insulation edit

A fundamental principle in building. It the means by which the interior environment can be made thermally comfortable. Insulation works by limiting the loss of heat from a relatively warm environment to a relatively cold environment. This is achieved in a number of ways:

Limiting Convection (air) heat loss. Most forms of insulation (such as polystyrene and fiberglass) contain cellular structures that trap air. This trapped air acts as a barrier to the passage of air through the insulating material.

Limiting Radiation heat loss Insulating materials are generally good at limiting radiated heat by reflecting it in the same way that a mirror reflects light. Shiny metals such as aluminum are good at reflecting heat, and this material is often used as a backing for insulated panels.

Interior Wall Surfaces edit

Drywall, Plaster, Wood Panel and Tile/Stone/Brick are typical selections.

Interior Wall/Ceiling Finishes edit

Primed, Painted, Stained, Wallpaper, Faux Finishes and Venetian Plasters

Furnishings edit

Floor Coverings (Carpet/Area Rugs), Window Coverings (Drapes/Shades and Sun Control: Window Tint)

Millwork edit

Wall Paneling, Coffered Ceiling, Decorative Beams, BaseBoard, Door/Window Casing, Applied Wall Molding, Crown/Cornice Moldings, Columns/Pilasters Overdoor, Staircase Balustrades/Hand Rail and Fireplace Mantels

Wood Flooring edit

Wood Plank, Strip and Parquet, Decorative Inlays/Boarders and Staircase Risers/Treads

Stone & Tile edit

Ceramic/Terracotta, Terrazo, Concrete, Mosaics and Inlays Floors, Bathroom Walls/Showers/Tub Decks, Fireplace Mantels/Surrounds/Hearths, Countertops/Backsplash, Staircase Risers/Risers, Columns/Pedestals and Exterior Terrace/Walks/Paths/Drives

Metalwork edit

Wrought Iron Railings, Doors/Windows, Pedestrian/Auto Gates, Fences and Grilles. Copper Awnings, Chimney Caps and Hoods

Cabinetry edit

Built In Bookcases/Desks, Powder Room Pullmans, Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinetry, Pantry/Linen Shelving and Closetry

Finish HVAC edit

Decorative Grilles/Diffusers and Controller Trims.

Finish Plumbing edit

Installation of Fixtures (Bidet/Toilet), Trims of Faucet/Drain Fittings, Connect Tub/Sink Drains and Volume Tests

Kitchen faucet edit

Materials and Tools edit

Sink mount kitchen faucet installation tools:

  • Basin wrench
  • Plumbers tape
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Rags
  • Plumber's putty
  • Copper tube cutter
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • 1/2" faucet supply hoses (2)
  • Flashlight
  • Philips and flathead screw drivers

Replacement kitchen faucet:

  1. Check that appropriate contents have been supplied--compare to contents on box.
  2. Instructions.

Wall mount Kitchen Faucet tools will include similar to above and a pipe wrench plus threaded pipes, possible requirements like pipe extractor, hammer and chisel to modify the wall.


Finish Electrical edit

Switch/Outlet Covers, Recessed Lighting Trims, Installation of Decorative Light Fixtures (Chandeliers/Sconce/Lanterns)

Appliances edit

Kitchen Refrigerator/Freezer, Range, Ovens, Hoods, Dishwasher, Ice makers, Wine Coolers. Laundry Washer and Dryers

Interior Doors edit

Installation of Jambs for Pocket/French/BiFold type doors.

Glass/Mirror edit

Decorative Leaded and Etched Glass Window/Doors, Shower and Tub Doors/Enclosures and Wall Mirror used in house. False wall and beam used gypsum board. Supporting system e.g steel channel for installation gypsum board.

Landscaping edit

Landscape Watering edit

Sprinkler, Driblers

Landscape Pool/Spa edit

Swimming Pool, Spa, Fountains and Reflecting Pools

Landscape Hardscape edit

Walls, Terraces, Walks, Stairs, Curbs and Driveways

Landscape Structures edit

Gazebo, Cabana, Canvas Awnings and BBQ/Cooking Areas

Landscape Plantings edit

Lawn, Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Potted Plants

Landscape Lighting edit

Path/Walk, Stair, Plant/Tree, Water Features and Security