Lady's Mantles
Weediness:Some species self-seed freely

Alchemilla is a genus of herbaceous perennial plants in the Rosaceae, commonly known as Lady's mantle. There are about 300 species, the majority native to cool temperate and subarctic regions of Europe and Asia, but a few species are native to the mountains of Africa, North America and South America.

Description edit

Rhizomatous, ground-covering plants with palmately veined, usually lobed leaves.

Growing Conditions edit

Humus rich, moist, but well-drained soils, sun to part shade.

Species edit

Cultivated species include:

Uses edit

Prinarily grown as ground covers or container plants, but also grown for cut flowers and herbal gardens. Some species are also adapted to rock gardens.

Uses in herbalism include a leaf decoction is used to treat sore eyes, sore skin and also to staunch bleeding. An infusion is used to regulate periods.

Maintenance edit

Cut back flowers to encourage further blooming. Can be cut back to the ground in midsummer to spur new foliar growth.

Propagation edit

Division or seed.

Pests and Diseases edit

Powdery Mildew

Leaf Spots


Slugs and Snails

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