Homeopathy/Materia Medica

Unlike Allopathic Medicine Homeopathy does not advise the use of Specific medicine for diseases,however in this section medicines are arranged under disease headings for brevity and ease of understanding.



Calcium phosphate (Ca3(PO4)2) is the prime Homeopathic medicine for the treatment of Adenoids. Another remedy used by the old German doctors was calcium iodide (CaI2). Both of these medicines are given in lower potencies especially 6X. When Adenoids occur following vaccination the indicated medicine is Thuja in high potencies. A common strategy is to give calcium phosphate or 4 tablets twice daily and Thuja twice weekly.



Schuessler recommends the use of calcium phosphate for Green sickness in young girls.Vineger, Pickles, And Lemons should be proscribed if their use in subjects is very high.

In persons lacking intellect can try Baryta Carb 200 once a day but in homoeopathy totality of symptoms count so it is advisable to take proper Homoeopathic consultation.



Homeopaths believe that the common milk thistle (Silybum marianum), which they call Carduus Marianus, can cure arteriosclerosis. The dose is 5 drops of Tincture thrice daily. Free use of Olive oil should be encouraged in such patients. The most effective to remove blockages of the arteries has been and still is Crataegus Q, taking several drops, 3 to 5 times daily over at least 6 months. another remadies baryta muriaticum and baryta carbonica(both in 30 and 200 potencies) are nearly specific for this condition especially in eiderly.

==Asthma==it surly cure by

        1.blata orien mother tincture 3month
        2.senega 200 BD/4glbs         3month

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