History of the ODU Art Department/Linda McGreevy


Linda McGreevy’s life started with the “shotgun romance” of her parents. After knowing each other for only two weeks the two discovered they were meant for each other and the rest is history. Mc Greevy was Born July 13, 1945 in Savanna, Georgia on the same day the atomic device is exploded at Alamogordo [[1]]. Her father did not get to meet his new daughter until she was six months old, he was an Army Captain and currently stationed in Guam when she was born.

Early ChildhoodEdit

McGreevy was born the only child to loving and nurturing parents. Her parents encouraged her to develop a creative mind. McGreevy believes much of her talent and creative thinking comes from her father’s side of the family.


Undergraduate DegreeEdit

UGA 1963, she was one of 1,000 female freshman in the newly constructed 9 story dorm. The campus was very restrictive and she started her academic career as a painter there.

Armstrong StateEdit

Double major, history and English

Graduate and PHDEdit

She was close to the studio student body and has "always been a modernist."


MA Art History 1973. PHD Art History 1975.


1967-69 "Savanna AM News PM Press" 1976-78 Art critic in Savanna. This career move was encouraged by Elaine de Kooning. 1978 Old Dominion University. She has been teaching at the university for 30 years and still possesses a passion for art that intoxicates her classroom. 1980, She was offered a position as an Art Critic at the Village Voice. She declined the position and she has no regrets.


"Art History leads you everywhere" -Linda McGreevy She teaches because she loves talking about art. While she was studying art in college she didn't like how others taught art and believed that she could do better. McGreevy's teaching methodology is based on a personal experience with art and feeling a connection to life and art.


Mid. Century Art between the German Wars, Atto Dix and Anti War


She is proud that she has been able to live in the Norfolk area and stay active in the art community.

Positions HeldEdit

Department Chair of Art Department, Full Professor of Art History and Criticism. She want to be at ODU when the Art department moved into the new building and is not actively involved in the renovation of the art library.

Funny ODU StoryEdit

In 1984, a Grad student ran into her 121 ARTH class with a stocking on his head ran down the isle at her. McGreevy's 60 students all hit the floor in fear for their lives. McGreevy brandished a toy gun and chased the student across campus. Her students were later told it was all a performance piece.

Her wonderful husbandEdit

Tim Cooper is Linda Mc Greevy's husband and owner of the Naro Expanded Video. Tim and Linda enjoy collecting antiques and 20th century Pop Culture. The couple has been together for 29 years and was introduced by a former student. Their love was formed by the death of a dog-named Happy. The tragedy of the dog brought the two together and over a coffee the two discovered their love of Marcel Duchamp and each other.