History of the ODU Art Department/Anthony Lichi

Anthony Lichi, Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History


Date of birth November 1976 in Anchorage, Alaska. Growing up Dr. Lichi was an avid comic book collector--both Marvel and D.C. His interest in comics, which join text and image, came to fruition in his doctoral studies where he focused on both literature and the visual arts.


Nyack College (B.A.), The University of Chicago (M.A.) and Indiana University in Bloomington (Double Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Art History) In addition to a wonderful semester abroad at Keble College in Oxford. Dr. Lichi decided to become a teacher after high school where he was influenced by some exceptional teachers. Some of the influential teachers that touched his life - High school, an English teacher named Jon Holly; in college, Jim Danaher (Philosophy), David Turk (Literature) Stephen Julian (Philosophy) and Richard Heiser (History); at I.U., Giancarlo Maiorino (Art and Literature). These teachers always gave memorable lectures and/or brought out the best in their students in terms of thinking and writing.

Philosophy of Teaching and LearningEdit

"My philosophy of teaching involves having very high expectations for my students while also working my hardest to give them what they need to succeed. I want my students to leave my classes feeling that they know the subject matter thoroughly, that they have been challenged, and that as a result, they have produced work of which they are extremely proud. My philosophy of learning has to do with approaching an idea from as many different perspectives as possible and always with great skepticism. Practically speaking, when I start learning about something, I don't want to finish until I feel like an expert, even a skeptical one." - Dr. Lichi

Teaching experienceEdit

He started teaching in 2000 at Mt. Carmel H.S. in Chicago teaching Latin. Before coming to Old Dominion University he taught at Indiana University. Dr. Lichi was drawn to ODU because of the location and to the department; he believes there are opportunities for growth in the Art History program.

Significant AccomplishmentsEdit

"When I was five or six, I won a coloring contest at a local grocery store. The prize was a copy of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Nothing gives me greater pride." - Dr. Lichi

Area of ConcentrationEdit

The Italian Renaissance

Published Works and Current ResearchEdit

Currently publishing an article on Michelangelo's Moses will hopefully be in print this fall. In the spring, an article on the Brancacci chapel. His goal is to publish a book in the next 2-3 years on scenes of death in early modern Italian art and literature.

Positions held as ChairEdit

Currently serving on several committees including one on the department's curriculum.