History of Flight/Unmotorised

A kite or glider is a motorless aircraft that flies without using engine energy. In fact, because this bird does not have engine power; It should use a negative head angle to overcome the push force and maintain a constant speed. In other words, it takes help from its weight component to overcome friction. The wings of this aircraft are longer and narrower than a normal plane, which give more lift. The kite is mostly flown with the help of a tow plane. When the engineless plane gets high enough, they drop it. By using the force of the wind, the kite stays in the air and slowly decreases its height. If the wind speed is the same as the speed or height of the kite, the kite will be at a constant height, and when the speed increases, its height will increase. Their landing gear consists of a wheel that is placed under the cockpit and behind the tail is another small wheel, which prevents damage to the tail when it is on the ground.