The main board of the Mizar32 embedded computer

The Mizar32 project makes it easy to use the hardware and software of a 32 bit microcontroller. The hardware takes the shape of a 9x6cm main board with a 66MHz AVR32 UC3 processor and 32 megabytes of RAM with additional stackable modules to extend its functionality. By default it runs programs written in a dialect of Lisp called PicoLisp, with embedded extensions and is field-programmable: the 128/256/512KB flash memory contains the PicoLisp interpreter that runs your PicoLisp program in a file on a micro SD card. This makes it very easy to program in PicoLisp, and the flash can also be reprogrammed with a different program from a PC over USB. Both the software and the hardware are aimed at newcomers to the embedded world who want an easy and powerful environment for rapid application development, for hardware prototyping, for quick production of a solution and for hobbyists to make their own custom devices. The hardware is also offered to manufacturers to avoid a long design cycle and get a new product to market in a short time by simply adding any custom hardware on add-on protoboards and writing a PicoLisp program to do what you want. The hardware design is offered as an open standard and all the project files and manufacturing files are freely available to use, study and modify using free and open source software tools.