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Unit OneEdit

  •   Lesson 1: אֵיך קוֹרְאִים לך?Greetings, names, welfare, genders.
  •   Lesson 2: בֵּן כַּמָּה אַתָּה?Numbers, ages, definite article, personal pronouns.
  •   Lesson 3: דִּקְדּוּק בְּסִיסִיBasic grammar: roots and radicals, prefixes, introduction to plurals.
  •   Lesson 4: אֵיפֹה אַתָּה גָּר?Place of living, introduction to verb conjugation, questions and interrogative pronouns.
  •   Lesson 5: לְאָן אַתָּה נוֹסֵעַ?Directions of travel, modes of transport, qal present tense conjugation, weak radicals.
  •   Review 1Complete review of Unit One.

Unit TwoEdit

  •   Lesson 6: זֶה הַבַּיִת שֶׁלִיDemonstrative pronouns, possessive pronouns, basic syntax.