The 1,400 years old zodiac mosaic of Bet Alfa


  •   Introduction: The aim of this level, what you will learn in it and how the lessons are structured.
  •   Lesson 1: The letters Aleph א, Bet בּ and Tav ת, the niqqud symbols Pataħ (ַ)and Shva (ְ).
  •   Lesson 2: The letters Vet ב, He ה, Nun נ and Nun Sofit ן, the niqqud symbols Qamats (ָ) and Tsere (ֵ).
  •   Lesson 3: The letters Mem מ, Mem Sofit ם, Shin שׁ and Sin שׂ, the niqqud symbols Segol (ֶ) and Ħiriq (ִ).
  •   Lesson 4: The letters Lamed ל and Vav ו, the niqqud symbols Ħolam (ֹ) and Shuruq וּ.
  •   Lesson 5: Review, the letters Dalet ד, Resh ר and Yod י, the niqqud symbol Qubbuts (ֻ).
  •   Lesson 6: The letters Gimmel ג, Zayin ז and Ħet ח, the niqqud symbols Ħataf-Pataħ (ֲ) and Ħataf-Qamats (ֳ).
  •   Lesson 7: The letters Tet ט, Kaf כּ, Khaf כ and Khaf Sofit ך, dagesh, the niqqud symbol Ħataf-Segol (ֱ).
  •   Lesson 8: The letters Samekh ס, Qof ק, full writing (ktiv malei).
  •   Lesson 9: Review, the letters ‘Ayin ע, Pe פּ, Fe פ and Fe Sofit ף.
  •   Lesson 10: The letters Tsadi צ, Tsadi Sofit ץ and the Hebrew numerical system (gematria).
  •   Review: Complete review of this level, alphabet and niqqud tables, extra notes regarding pronunciation, transliteration and shape.
  •   Test: Tests what you've learned this level.

You really should know, before you learn the Hebrew alphabet, that the average Israeli needs to know how to read words without niqqud, and that to read an Israeli newspaper you have to know about 2000 words without niqqud.