Healthy eating habits

This book is primarily developed by students of the Community Nutrition study at La Trobe University, Australia, as part of their formal learning assessment.

A casserole of chicken and rice in a pot. There is also a bowl of casserole in front of the pot. This was a poster in the "Healthy Eating Tips" series from the US National Cancer Institute

Contents edit

Exceptional works
  1. Eating for Optimal Fertility
  2. Nutrition for Cycling: Eating well to optimise training
  3. Healthy Eating on a Budget
  4. Healthy Eating for Pregnancy

Works with room for improvement
  1. Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart
  2. Calcium in the diet
  3. Osteoporosis and Diversifying Daily Calcium Intake
  4. Healthy Eating for Busy Adults
  5. Nutrition & Quick Snack Ideas for Sport Performance
  6. Healthy Eating for Primary School Children
  7. Healthy Eating for 12-13 Year Old Female Adolescents
  8. Healthy Eating for Healthy Living (elderly/basic literacy level)
  9. Researching Nutritional Information & Australian Serving Sizes
  10. Creating Quick and Easy Meals using Common Pantry Items
  11. Sports drinks: are they really doing us good?
  12. Effective Eating for Exams
  13. Superfoods For College Students
  14. The Low Carbohydrate Diet: Risks, Alternatives and Monitoring intake
  15. Healthy Eating for Healthy Bones
  16. Calcium and Bone Health for Women (Modified in 2014 by Amy Johns)
  17. Hospitality Workers Nutritional Education (Steph Pallas)
  18. Post Menopause: Staying Healthy Through Good Nutrition
  19. Getting to know your labels
  20. How can I eat well on a student budget?
  21. Quick and healthy breakfast options
  22. Menopause: The Importance of Calcium
  23. Optimising Iron intake and Energy for Women
  24. Hydration for Adolescent Athletes
  25. Preparation for Game Day Eating
  26. Healthy Eating with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating 2013
  27. Eating for Bone Health
  28. Breastfeeding and alcohol
  29. Healthy Eating for Young Adults Studying or Working Full-time
  30. The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and Kilojoule Consumption
  31. Healthy Snacking on a Budget
  32. Alcohol and Healthy Eating
  33. Healthy Eating for Honours Students
  34. Increasing calcium and Vitamin D intake in office workers
  35. Post-Workout Nutrition
  36. Reading Food Labels to Make Healthy Food Choices
  37. Gluten Free Cooking for chefs
  38. Pre Schooler Nutrition. Know your A, B, C's and 1, 2, 3's
  39. Important nutrients in the vegetarian diet
  40. Choosing a Healthy Breakfast
  41. Are weight loss diets worth their dollar $?
  42. Eating for Optimal Bone Health in Your 50's
  43. Healthy Dinners for One
  44. Fibre: The Forgotten Nutrient
  45. Healthy Eating for Productive Studying
  46. Young Adult Nutrition: A Pathway to Health in Later Life
  47. Calcium, Vitamin D and Bone Health in Women over 50
  48. Dairy for Health & Performance in Sub-elite Female Cyclists
  49. Optimising iron intake in a plant based diet
  50. Maintaining Health: For Older Australians
  51. Helping Middle-Aged Men Choose Healthier Takeaway Foods at Work
  52. Eating Carbohydrates to optimise sprint training and athletic performance
  53. Fad Diets: What are they really doing to you?
  54. The Importance of Fruit
  55. The Truth Behind Carbohydrates
  56. Fibre for Older Adults
  57. Healthy snack ideas on a University student's budget
  58. Eat Well, Work Well
  59. Dairy and Post Exercise Nutrition
  60. Iron for Optimal Health & Energy
  61. Eating for the Elderly
  62. Answering Questions about Healthy Bones, Women and Calcium
  63. Food For Thought: The downside of eating lunch at your desk & choosing for your health when dining out
  64. Effective Eating for Dancers: Eating for Energy, Concentration and Focus
  65. Tips for Understanding Food Labels to Make Healthy Choices
  66. Healthy Snacks On The Run ft Salt
  67. Eat to succeed: A guide to healthy eating during university exams
  68. Iron for Young Women
  69. Fuelling for Weight Training
  70. Healthy eating for East Asia Student in Australia
  71. Cost Effective Healthy Eating for Students and Part Time Workers
  72. Energy for Busy People
  73. Nutrition to Optimise Endurance Cycling Performance