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  1. Haskell/Solutions/Lenses and functional references
  2. Haskell/Solutions/Traversable
  3. Haskell/Solutions/Foldable
  4. Haskell/Solutions/Alternative and MonadPlus
  5. Haskell/Solutions/Monoids
  6. Haskell/Solutions/GADT
  7. Haskell/Solutions/Control structures
  8. Haskell/Solutions/Pattern matching
  9. Haskell/Solutions/Denotational semantics
  10. Haskell/Solutions/Monad transformers
  1. Haskell/Solutions/Recursion
  2. Haskell/Solutions/Higher-order functions
  3. Haskell/Solutions/Variables and functions
  4. Haskell/Solutions/Applicative functors
  5. Haskell/Solutions/Lists and tuples
  6. Haskell/Solutions/Laziness
  7. Haskell/Solutions/Next steps
  8. Haskell/Solutions/Type basics
  9. Haskell/Solutions/Denotational semantics
  10. Haskell/Solutions/Indentation

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