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Handbook of Management Scales/Set up time reduction

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Set up time reduction (alpha > 0.7; composite reliability = 0.75; average variance extracted = 0.51)Edit


The research takes a step toward clarifying the concept of lean production and develops and validates a multi-dimensional measure of lean production. The 10 distinct dimensions of a lean system are continuous flow, customer involvement, employee involvement, JIT delivery by suppliers, pull, set up time reduction, statistical process control, supplier development, supplier feedback, and total productive/preventive maintenance.


Lean production is an integrated socio-technical system whose main objective is to eliminate waste by concurrently reducing or minimizing supplier, customer, and internal variability. This dimension of lean production is about reducing process downtime between product changeovers.


Please indicate the extent of implementation of each of the following practices in your plant. (1) no implementation; (2) little implementation; (3) some implementation; (4) extensive implementation; (5) complete implementation.

  • Our employees practice setups to reduce the time required.
  • We are working to lower setup times in our plant.
  • We have low setup times of equipment in our plant.