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Handbook of Management Scales/Relationship management

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Relationship management (composite reliability = 0.80)Edit


The authors follow a two-phased approach to develop multi-item scales that measure dimensions of service orientation in the context of business-to-business e-commerce. Service orientation was conceptualized as a third-order construct comprised of five combinative service competency bundles: service climate; market focus; process management; human resource policy; and metrics and standards.

One of these five second-order dimensions, market focus, consists of three first-order dimensions: market acuity, relationship management, and new service development.


The company’s ability to manage its relationships with its customers in both the virtual and physical spaces, and to create and retain loyal customers.


  • We believe that the right relationship with our customers means more than the price we charge them. (0.61)
  • Solving problems with customers is considered a joint responsibility no matter who is at fault. (0.71)
  • We are concerned with our customers’ profitability, as well as our own. (0.73)



The third item was dropped.

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