Handbook of Descriptive Statistics

This book aims to function as a comprehensive reference guide to the measures used in descriptive statistics. For a general introduction to statistics, see Statistics instead.

It has a section on all the common measures, and they are categorised according to type. Initially we shall concentrate on univariate statistics. Entries should be brief, information-packed and not overly tutorial in nature. Assume a reader which already has a basic knowledge of statistics, and needs detailed information or a refresher.

See Template for how an entry should look.

Table of contents edit

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Statistical Variables
  3. Measures of Central Tendency
    1. Arithmetic Mean
    2. Median
    3. Mode
    4. Midrange
    5. Geometric Mean
    6. Harmonic Mean
    7. Truncated Mean
    8. Interquartile Mean
    9. Root Mean Square
    10. Trimean
  4. Measures of Statistical Variability
    1. Variance
    2. Population Variance
    3. Standard Deviation
    4. Range
    5. Interquartile range
    6. Semiquartile range
    7. Absolute Deviation
    8. Geometric Standard Deviation
  5. Measures of Distribution Shape
    1. Skewness
    2. Kurtosis
    3. Chi-Squared Goodness of Fit
    4. Shapiro-Wilks W
    5. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test