Hamtai (Kapau) Language/Consonants

Hamtai uses 14 different consonants, two of the symbols that represent these are not present (as a consonant) in English.

Table of consonant phonemes in Hamtai[1]
Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m






Plosive p










Approximant voiced y




unvoiced wh


Fricative voiced v


unvoiced f




Note: y can sometimes be frictionized to become z

Values of SoundsEdit

(As compared to English)

m - like the m in match

n - like the n in sun

ng - like the ng in sing

p - like the p in park

t - like the t in tank

k - like the k in kitten

/q - no equivalent in English, compare to the Arabic قط ([qɪtˤ])

' - like the sound between uh and oh in the word uh-oh

y - like the y in young

w - like the w in want

wh - like the Mid-Atlantic Pronunciation or Conservative Received Pronunciation of the wh in why

v - like the v in vine

f - like the f in fine

h - like the h in hare


nanqa - banana

hauka - fruit

qu'wa - leaf

qatä'ä - flower

qanäi - mother

sä'ä - sleep


  1. Oates, W.; Oates, L. (1968). Kapau pedagogical grammar. Canberra, Australia: The Australian National University. pp. 7–8.