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Battle Rifle

Model: BR-55

Common Name: Battle Rifle

Zoom Capabilities: 2x

Rate Of Fire: 3-round bursts

Magazine Size: 36 rounds, or twelve bursts

The BR-55 is the favorite weapon of the Halo 2 veteran. Often considered the "new pistol", this weapon is highly effective at most ranges. Although a great weapon, able to kill in four bursts to the head, it's effectiveness is doubled when coupled with the plasma pistol, dropping shields with an overcharge of the weapon and then proceeding to fire one burst in the head. This technique is often called the "noob-combo", because many players consider it too easy a tactic and therefore, cheap or "noobish".


Model: M6C

Common Name: Magnum

Zoom Capabilities: None

Rate Of Fire: Semi-automatic

Magazine Size: 12 rounds

The M6C magnum is the more common, stripped down version of the M6D pistol that was commonly seen in the first Halo. Though it may be a powerful weapon, it lacks the scope of its predecessor. Against the stronger shields of the new Mark VI armor, it's less effective in combat than the first weapon was. However, it is still a useful weapon, and can be coupled with another weapon to really make it a threat.

Dual-wielding combos edit

  • With Plasma Pistol: This combo works quite well, overcharging the plasma pistol, and then proceeding to fire a bullet from the magnum into the head. This is the less popular iteration of the infamous "noob-combo." Veteran players will use this variation, as it allows them to headshot without the delay of switching to the BR. With good aim, the magnum combo will win a showdown against the BR combo(a good thing, since if you use it too much, angry players will come after you with the more common combo).
  • With Plasma Rifle: Combining these two weapons works well, but requires a bit more attention, as one trigger merely needs to be pressed, while the other must be pulled again and again to fire. If you can master this, it is in some respects better than the aforementioned combo, as it's a constant stream of plasma, so if a shot misses, it doesn't cause a large problem like if the overcharge shot does.
  • With another magnum: This combo looks aesthetically better and works pretty well, although not as great as the previous two. You can still kill someone by pumping them full of shots with two of these weapons. And, as always, headshots are best. -this combo is basically useless outside of a Pistols-Only game, since by default you will have an SMG, and the SMG/Magnum combo works Much better than dual Mags. Plus you don't look silly doing it.
  • With SMG: Works well for combat in close to medium ranges as a variation of the “noob-combo”, by using the SMG to unload into another player and strip their shields and then finishing them off with a few magnum shots to the head.

Midship/Rotary Tactic

This tactic is made for team slayer, and it worked quite well for me in the past. Split your team into two smaller groups that run around the outer ring of the map opposite from each other but in the same direction. It often gives the enemy very little chance to recover when respawning, but makes it easier for lost players of your team to join back in the fray. Often works well with one short range player (shotgun or sword) and one long range player (BR or carbine, plus PP) per team. It is possible that this could also work on a map like Warlock, if you keep to the upper levels, or on Foundation, with maybe three or four groups. However, it has not been tried out on these two maps to any knowledge of mine.