Halo/Plasma Grenade

The Plasma Grenade, or the Type-1 plasma grenade, is a thrown grenade seen in Halo and it’s consecutive games. It resembles a small blue orb with orange and green markings on it. The grenade’s function allows it to stick to targets such as players and vehicles.

Usage in Multiplayer edit

The plasma grenade is not seen too frequently due to it’s power, and as such if an opportunity arises for you to obtain or even use one, it is important to know which situations to use it in.

One type of situation could be that you are engaged in a close range firefight with a few other enemy players in a somewhat small hallway, you could use the plasma grenade and stick one of the opponents to possibly a multi-kill out of it, and you probably won’t miss the throw either, however you will run the risk of killing yourself from the explosion if the hallway is especially close-quarters. In this situation, it is advised to back up as much as possible before sticking the enemy with a grenade.

Another situation is you are standing on a cliff or another ledge and a enemy player runs past below, taking a few potshots at your teammates. They don’t see you, but you can see them, and you have a chance of throwing the grenade onto them at this range. With good enough tracking and timing, you could possibly stick them with the grenade, however you are probably going to miss by a few inches. Instead, get as close enough to stick them, but far enough to not kill or injure yourself, then throw the grenade.

Another situation is a vehicle, say a warthog, or a scorpion, is barreling towards you and your teammates. You happen to have a plasma grenade, so where do you throw it? You will want to target the parts of the vehicle body closest to the driver or the passengers. On a warthog this means the mounted machine gun and the sides of the vehicle, on a scorpion this means the rollcage and the area next to it. Targeting these areas will often allow you to quickly eliminate or wound the passengers.;