MA5B Assault Rifle

Magazine 60 rounds
Rate of Fire Automatic
Primary Function Assault weapon
Secondary Function Suppressive fire

The MA5B is a bullpup configured, gas operated assault rifle. It fires advanced 7.62x51mm ammunition, normally using FMJ-AP(black copper jacket, tungsten core) bullets. It feeds from a four column, 60 round detachable box magazine. The MA5B is highly inaccurate, and only useful at short ranges(less than 25m)when fired in long automatic bursts due to vibration and barrel heating, but can be effective out to ~60m on point targets, and ~150m on area targets when fired in short bursts of 2-3 rounds at a time. The MA5B uses an integrated computer which displays the amount of ammunition left in the magazine, as well as the relative direction of designated reference points (such as the gas giant, Threshold). This computer also determines point of aim and relays this information to the users smart-link system (the MA5B has no open or optical type sighting equipment). An onboard 12v, 15000mah NIMH battery cell powers this computer, as well as the tactical combat light when needed. Battery will drain much faster when the light is used, and if it is depleted, it will recharge itself using a small portion of the users shield energy.