HP Open View NNM Exam Guide

HP Network Node Manager is one of the latest and widely used IT Infrastructure Management tools for networks. There are a lot of network management system (NMS) tools available, but NNM is the market leader.

HP Offers 3 levels of certification in NNM (NNM1,NNM2 and NNM3). This article talks about clearing NNM-1 exam, which is coded as HP-0632.

Golden Rules to clear your NNM-1 Exam:

  1. Have good hands on experience on NNM
  2. Brush up your OS skills and basic Networking skills, since there will be some questions about the same. (e.g. : what is the port for SNMP, What is ICMP etc.) There will be minimum 2 to 3 questions like this.
  3. Have you attended any training from HP for NNM ? If so, they must have given you two books. Go through them, they are very good.
  4. A must try::--> http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Home-Education/HP0-632-OpenView-Network-Node-Manager-I.shtml. This will give you a free test, and you will have a better understanding where you stand.
  5. Some of the questions will be repeated. It is good and it is bad. Good, if you got the first one right and bad, if you got the first one wrong
  6. Questions will be distributed in the below areas :
    • Explain and recognize fundamental architectures and technologies of NNM
    • Recognize and describe HP OpenView NNM products and solutions
    • Perform the planning and design necessary to achieve a deployable solution
    • Install, configure, setup and upgrade NNM
    • Performance-tune and optimize solution
    • Perform troubleshooting and repair of NNM
    • Manage the network using HP NNM
    • Perform administrative and operational tasks
    • Explain the NNM market place and competitive positioning