How To Grow A Volume With A New Disk Edit

Once you have installed your new disk then login to the media vault's web server and click the 'Disk Settings' tab.

Click 'Create New Volume'


Fill out as per the following screen shot and then click 'Accept'


The following dialog will be presented (you may have to wait 30 seconds). Click 'OK'.


Wait until the following page is displayed. Make sure that 'Volume1' is selected and click 'Modify Volume'.


You will be presented with the following screen.  

Drag the diamond icon on the Disk1 measure and drag it all the way to the right and click 'Accept'.  

You will be presented with the following dialog box (below). Click 'OK'. After clicking 'OK' you will then see a lot of disk activity on the box. Under no circumstances should you click anywhere on the HP Media Vault web page during this time. (Disk activity can go quiet at this time for up to a minute but will resume again). Although the dialog box says 4 mins it seems to depend on what volume you are expanding. In this example the expansion was of a volume that already had 315 GB of data on it and the process took 40 minutes.


When the resizing of the volume has taken place you will see this message (which only displays for about 5 seconds).


Followed by this screen. Notice that the size of volume1 has increased with the newly allocated disk.


Your resized volume is now ready to use.