Guide to X11/Window Managers/qvwm

Type: stacking Language: C++ Licence:

The qvwm window manager resembles Microsoft Windows '95.

qvwm was written by Kenichi Kourai in 1996 and released at (later He is no longer involved, this project is run by a volunteers. Last version was released in 2007 April in sourceforge.

q means 9, and v means 5, so qv in qvwm means 95.


  • Written in C++
  • Desktop taskbar has a start button and clock
  • Stacking window support
  • Window decorations include borders and titlebars
  • Taskbar has an icon and minimize, maximize and close buttons
  • Shortcut icons may be placed on the desktop
  • Support for wallpaper
  • Task switching using Alt+Tab
  • Enables the user to switch among windows using the task switcher. (Alt+Tab)
  • Enables the user to configure window taskbar indicators.
  • Windows can be moved and resized by using a drag action
  • Windows can be minimized or maximized
  • Support for themes
  • Animated titlebars