Guide to X11/Window Managers/antico

Type: Stacking Language: Licence: GPL

The antico window manager is based on Qt libraries.


Raising and lowering windowsEdit

Resizing windowsEdit

Showing and hiding windowsEdit

Context eventsEdit

The following context events are available from the meta button:

  • Left Click - Minimize Window
  • Right Click - Maximize Window


Features of the antico window manager include:

  • Stacking windows
  • Window decorations include borders and titlebar
  • titlebar has meta and close buttons
  • borders
  • Program launch via a launcher applet on the dock
  • context operations on the desktop, dock and titlebar meta buttons
  • Written in
  • Uses the Qt toolkit
  • Desktop icons
  • Support for themes and customized colours
  • Configurable via a configuration file (and the Qt configurator)
  • Requires a 2 button mouse