Guide to UC San Diego/Transportation and Parking

Parking OfficeEdit

The Parking Office is on the first level of the Gilman Parking Structure and the door to this office opens to Russell Lane.[1] At the beginning of each quarter, many students need to go to the parking office and a very long line forms at times so incoming students should plan for this. Students can buy parking permits here and also at the UCSD Bookstore.[2]


There are several free shuttle routes that students can use.[3] There are two Campus Loop routes (clockwise and counterclockwise) that run throughout the day and evening. As its name states, it runs in a big loop around the main campus. There is an East/Regents route that runs from the Price Center East to East parking lot and Regents parking lot and back throughout the day and evening. There is a Mesa Housing shuttle that runs from the Mesa apartments to the main campus and back. These shuttles run Monday through Friday during the academic quarter.

Free Bus Route StickerEdit

Several public bus routes are free to UC San Diego students. These include MTS/NCTD routes 30, 41, 101, 150, 201, 202 and 921. To ride these buses for free, students must to go to the Parking Office and get a sticker attached to their Student ID. These stickers are good for one full year and enrolled students can get a new sticker each year they are a student at UC San Diego.