Guide to Social Activity/Masculinity

The current version of this module lists desirable traits in person, and has not much connection to the former title, "masculinity".


To do:

Chivalry edit

Starts with politeness and common courtesy

Reverence and respect for womanhood. (They are half of the human race, and mothers to the other half!)

"Milady, your chariot awaits" as opposed to *HONK! HOOOOOONK!* on the car horn

Dwelling on a girl's good characteristics, rather than bad characteristics. (Think "Man of La Mancha")

Masculinity- The degree or property of being masculine or manly; manliness

E.g. Girls Were Dressing, to the boys wearing sporty clothes or baggy clothing

Protectiveness edit

Some protection that one person can provide to their partner:

  • financial stability and security
  • honor? safety? (FIXME how?)

Competitiveness edit

Also related to ambition.

Some persons adore those who become the best they can be.

Physical Strength edit

Some persons adore those with physical strength who do help instead of bully other people. One can use physical strength to help move furniture and other heavy objects.

Moral Strength edit

A person that maintains morals has more respect. Furthermore, a person who chooses to be dishonest are often discovered and dumped.

Humility edit

It is advantageous to be able to admit fault to one who one loves. It is advantageous to be able to say, "I am sorry".