Guide to First Year Teaching

Welcome to your first year as: The Teacher. Holding this title entails all sorts of possibilities, responsibilities, and challenges. Being a teacher in today's classroom requires more than knowing about a subject matter or about child psychology. Teachers must juggle a gazillion different things at once, including classroom interactions with all kinds of students and the tremendous amounts of paperwork that pile up on the desk.

This book presents a set of guidelines and advice for those who find themselves teaching their first year at the K-12 level. As a beginning teacher (or experienced teacher wanting to revisit some key concepts about teaching), you are encouraged to use this as a resource. The authors of this text have crafted the book into various modules. Feel free to pick and choose which modules you need and when.

We have divided the text into these core areas: What to expect, The First Days of School, The School Environment, Planning for Learning, Student Discipline, Legal Stuff You Need to Know and the Substitute Teacher. A final section, called Trouble Shooting, provides a way for the new teacher to post a short situation or question not addressed in the text and have authors respond accordingly. For more information about each section, please click on the appropriate link.


  1. What to Expect
  2. The First Days of School
  3. The School Environment
  4. Planning for Learning
  5. Student Discipline
  6. Legal Stuff You Need to Know
  7. Substitute Teaching
  8. Trouble Shooting
  9. Authors' Page
  10. References (Using APA Style Format)

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