Guide to Dayi input/Components/Nature

自然 natureEdit

The number of subcomponents in this section probably wont be exhaustive. The focus should be on finding ways to easily remember the most important ones. When studying the components, you should have a list of all the components ready. You can download it here.

日 (D) day.
The subcomponents look like 日 and the key is D as in day.

月 (J) month.
The second stroke of 月 looks like the letter J, and it looks like one of the subcomponents: 亅. The other subcomponents looks like distorted versions of 月: 爫冃 炙jy without 火.

山 (W) mountain.
This looks quite like W. Subcomponents: 凵屮臼 and 凹we without 一. 屮 looks like 山, and 凹we without 一 looks like 山 upside down. 臼 looks like a distorted 凵.

石 (Q) stone.
Main subcomponents: 几儿  凸qw without 一. 刻石几 Kè shí jǐ means "carved stone" and sounds like Q石几.

雨 (M) rain.
The lines of the bottom part of 雨 looks like 山 upside-down. And M looks like W upside down. Subcomponents: 冂冖宀冎. Like 山 has 凵 as a component, 雨 has 冂 and similar.

Example charactersEdit

日 (D) day key examples:
的 /db.
畽 7vdf
胂 jd1
犣 2ld5 or 2l75
衰 kdk
恆 zede or zeje

月 (J) month key examples:
組 tje
能 ;jcc
衝 evdj
為 ./by or /.by or jbby or j/by
爲 j/by
承 bjxk or bgy or bxx or bgbk
棈 ifj
稃 vjbg
嬏 lji7
搖 gj2w alternative character: 摇
貍 j,df

山 (W) mountain key examples:
學 wmbg
欮 uwna
與 we8
純 tewc
淣 xwq
凹 we
齒 9w

石 (Q) stone key examples:
光 teq not thc
" 軓 6q.
砪 q7.
兔 noq. or /oq.
凸 qw
流 xk;q

雨 (M) rain key examples:
蹇 ms89
鶻 mjh
稨 vhmu
冢 me,. or mee.
鱈 nmr
帶 smm1