Guide to Dayi input/Components/Human

人 man/person/peopleEdit

The number of subcomponents in this section probably wont be exhaustive. The focus should be on finding ways to easily remember the most important ones. When studying the components, you should have a list of all the components ready. You can download it here.

人 (A) man/person/people.
The subcomponent 亻 is derived from 人. All the subcomponents look like 人. 入亻 and 人 look like A without the horizontal part. In the subelement 亽 the horizontal part is included.

心 (Z) heart.
Both subcomponents are derived from 心. To make 心 look like the letter Z, image the two bottom strokes bent, so that the lower-left most stroke form the top of Z.

口 (D) mouth.
Draw a circle around the square and you get the letter O (more circular than the number 0).

言 (1) words, speech.
The subcomponents are 丨and 丿 as in 川111 They look quite like the number 1 (without serifs).

耳 (P) ear.
The subcomponents either resembles the letter P 卩阝or the shape of 耳 like 身镸 (see the chart for a full list of subcomponents). Notice that it can be hard to separate the shapes for the keys 土 (F) 耳 (P)and 目 (3).

目 (3) eye.
The subcomponents either look like 目 or a vertical stroke with 2 or 3 vertical ones (a bit like the number 3. Notice that it can be hard to separate the shapes for the keys 土 (F) 耳 (P)and 目 (3).

手 (G) hand.
The subcomponents look like 扌or the strokes 1,2 or 2,3 of 扌. You might remeber the key this way: The word for sell phone is 手機shǒujī "hand machine", jī sounds like G.

足 (9) leg.
The sub elements are 止 and卜(stroke 4,5of足). Taiwan has an amusement park called "Formosan aboriginal culture village". The chinese name is 九族文化村 "nine ethnicity culture villages" you will walk around a lot.

女 (L) woman.
The sub elements start with the first stroke: 𡿨巜 巛 which look like the letter L as in Lady.

Example charactersEdit

人 (A) man/person/people key examples:
做 asox
合 ao
籤 /aa5
闕 6uwa
聚 pxaa or px,
入 a
飛 ca1c or c1ac or cac1 or cca1

心 (Z) heart key examples:
忭 zk9
恝 fnz
慕 udvz

口 (D) mouth examples:
的 /db.
畽 7vdf
胂 jd1
犣 2ld5 or 2l75
衰 kdk
恆 zede or zeje

言 (1) words, speech examples:
讓 1kok
這 10
所 hhe1
川 111
斲 r1r1 or me11 or mee1
升 v11

耳 (P) ear examples:
卸 2e9p
面 h7p
聚 pxaa
邵 nop
鯓 np
髟 p/
長 pk
瞰 3rpx
其 p8

目 (3) eye examples:
詐 123
誹 133
貞 938
犋 238
贍 38n1
闐 6s38

手 (G) hand examples:
我 vg5
打 gej
學 wmbg
釮 0g/
蒘 ulog

足 (9) leg examples:
不 h9
起 f9rc
鹵 97xy
躚 94v0
歨 99
綖 t/90
歲 9ht5
歳 9ht5
斥 he9
忭 zk9
蹇 ms89
跠 9vrb

女 (L) woman examples:
犣 2ld5 or 2l75
捑 gdlv
亥 kl/a
妄 kll
觓 nl1
牏 6ajn