Guide to Dayi input/Components/Craft and Others

工藝其他 craft and others edit

The number of subcomponents in this section probably wont be exhaustive. The focus should be on finding ways to easily remember the most important ones. When studying the components, you should have a list of all the components ready. You can download it here.

工 (R) work.
The word for an elderly man or grandfather is 阿公 āgōng (sounds like R工 R gōng). He has probably done a lot of work in his life. Here are 2 subcomponents: 匚彐 and the others basically look like variations on those two. Each subcomponent can point either left or right. If you imagine cutting 工 down the middle, it looks like 2 copies of the first subcomponent 匚. One pointing left and the other pointing right.

車 (6) car.
Subcomponents: 甫門鬥爿片丬丱 鼎 36 minus 目. Here is a mnemonic to remember some of them: 甫6片車門 "barely 6 pieces of car door". Imagine a person buying a used car and getting cheated.

舟 (.) boat.
Some of the subcomponents come from stroke 4,5,6 of 舟. Another subcomponent is 方 and it is a bit more difficult to remember. 方舟 fāngzhōu is an ark as in Noas ark. Mnemonik: Noas ark is but a dot "." in the ocean when the flood come.

糸 (T) silk.
The subcomponents look like either the top 幺 or the bottom 小 of 糸. Imagine a T-shirt made of silk.

革 (S) leather.
Subcomponents: The top and the bottom parts of 革: 廿十 and similar. Its hard to connect this with the letter S, but here is a suggestion: In 2010 came a documentary "waiting for Superman" about the american school system. Imagine some leather clad students who in 2010 saw why they didnt like school.

立 (K) to stand.
The most important subcomponent might be 衤. All the other subelements look like it: 礻之 or parts of it like: 亠𧘇. 衤 is the clothes radical. Together with 立 "to stand" you might remember K立衤 as a Koat rack(with a K instead of a C) since clothes "stand up" when it is on a coat rack.

一 (E) one.
一 yī and the subcomponent 彳chì both sound like E: chì yī E.

四 (4) four.
Subcomponents: 罒覀西黑. 罒覀and西 all look like 四. 黑 and the similar subcomponents are more difficult to remember.

王 (5) king.
Subcomponents: 壬 戈e5 without 一. 壬 easy, but the others a quite difficult.

Example characters edit

工 (R) work key examples:
起 f9rc
臧 6er5
肅 r61 (or r16)
官 mhr
昂 drp
黽 meer or me1r
牙 rj/
瞰 3rpx
鱈 nmr
戉 r5
叟 1rrx or 1wx
妞 lrs

車 (6) car key examples:
軝 6re5
闌 6i4
溥 x6g.
鬥 6eo. or 6
鼎 36
牁 6eoj
輸 6ajn
噓 oc6e
聯 ptt6

舟 (.) boat key examples:
的 /db.
就 kot.
冢 me,. or mee.
軓 6q.
勺 b.
勻 b. or bee
匀 b.
呌 o.s
鉥 0i.
砪 q7.
乓 hr.
舳 .7s
罶 4r.7
班 51.5
軨 6ab. not 6an
刅 n..
淓 xu.
凍 .id

糸 (T) silk key examples:
組 tje
緧 t88 tu7e
祭 0eet
兼 urt
聯 ptt6
鄉 t.;p
光 teq
歲 9ht5
歳 9ht5
黹 u8mt
赫 ftft

革 (S) leather key examples:
辣 ksio
蹇 ms89
妞 lrs
哄 os8
犮 sx.
仗 as0
芾 usm
苖 u7s
枓 i.s
黃 se78 or s78
靶 sr1c
無 2sy
帶 smm1
摭 gcsy

立 (K) to stand key examples:
辣 ksio
縍 tk8.
忭 zk9
承 bjxk or bgy or bxx or bgbk
衰 kdk
挀 ghrk
抸 g/k
垠 frk
袾 k2i alternative character: 祩
禗 k7z

一 (E) one key examples:
組 tje
衝 evdj
打 gej
臧 6er5 or hlh5
純 tewc
冢 me,. or mee.
均 fbee

四 (4) four key examples:
鐲 04b;
黫 44f
闌 6i4
曾 84d
煙 y4f
葽 u4l
纁 tv4
徆 e4

王 (5) king key examples:
我 vg5
籤 /aa5
玉 5.
廷 50
鼠 w5
跩 9d5
芅 ue5
軝 6re5
犣 2ld5 or 2l75