Guide to Dayi input/Components/Animals

動物 animals Edit

The number of subcomponents in this section probably wont be exhaustive. The focus should be on finding ways to easily remember the most important ones. When studying the components, you should have a list of all the components ready. You can download it here.

牛 (2) cow.
The sub elements look like 牛: 午2s 五e2 告2o the ox is the second animal in the zodiac

馬 (B) horse.
The subcomponents look like the lower right side. 乛习勹 to rember this key (B), think of the famous fictional horse Black Beauty.

鹿 (C) deer.
The subcomponents are inspired by the first 3 strokes: 广 (虍飞乁气) or the last 2 strokes: 匕 (七乙乚). The shape 乚 and the letter C look a bit similar. Dont confuse the subelements with the ones from 鳥(H).

力 (,) power.
The main subcomponents are 犭 and 豕e, without 一 (dog and the bottom side of pig). You can remember that "power" and "insect" are the "odd animals out". like , and ; are different from letters and numbers.

虫 (;) insect.
The main subcomponent is the 3,5,6 stroke of 虫: 厶 you can remember that "power" and "insect" are the "odd animals out" like , and ; are different from letters and numbers.

魚 (N) fish.
The subcomponents here seems a bit varied: 刀夕彑刂角 Here is an attempt to create a mnemonic: Imagine that N is a fishing rod, you are "angling" (角) with a knife (刀刂) instead of a hook. (but dont confuse it with the hook 亅 from 月(J)).

鳥 (H) bird.
The subcomponents here can be hard to connect to the main component 鳥: 戶户尸厂丆, but they have this in common:They all have a horizontal part at the top and a vertical part on the left or, like 丆, moving leftward. The word for migratory bird is 候鳥 hòuniǎo (starts with an H). Dont confuse the subelement with the ones from 鹿(C).

Example characters Edit

牛(2)cow key examples:
特 2fg.
詐 123
先 2q
五 e2
年 22
違 2o20

馬(B)horse key examples:
的 /db.
為 ./by or /.by or jbby or j/by
爲 j/by
卷 uvbc
翏 bba/
矛 b,
駟 b4
承 bjxk or bgy or bxx or bgbk
弜 rbrb
翗 nnbb
虧 cakb
与 ebe

鹿(C) deer key examples:
麻 cii
能 ;jcc
起 f9rc
噓 oc6e
卷 uvbc
純 tewc
訊 1c1.
翏 bba/
藨 ucy
柀 icx
栳 ifc
吃 o2c
飛 ca1c or c1ac or cac1 or cca1
氣 c8

力 (,) power (犭 dog radical) key examples:
狿 ,/90
矛 b,
冢 me,. or mee.
貍 j,df
勂 2o,
聚 px, or pxaa
潀 x4, or x4aa
璈 5f,x or 5f.x

虫 (;) insect key examples:
能 ;jcc
觚 nh;0
風 q;
瑵 5x.;
郎 .;p

魚 (N) fish key examples:
夠 nnbo
龜 NMER (or NMEX)
鉶 0eun
恝 fnz
危 nhbc
蝓 ;ajn
鱈 nmr
觓 nl1
互 en

鳥 (H) bird key examples:
不 h9 兀 eq and 光 teq not thc
擾 ghjx
所 hhe1
官 mhr
面 h7p
稨 vhmu
鵹 vb/h
万 hb 兀 eq and 光 teq not thc
戌 h5
昜 dhb/ 兀 eq and 光 teq not thc
暇 dhex
搣 ghy5