Guide to Dayi input/Components/5 Elements

五行 5 elements edit

The number of subcomponents in this section probably wont be exhaustive. The focus should be on finding ways to easily remember the most important ones. When studying the components, you should have a list of all the components ready. You can download it here.

金 (0) gold.
Imagine three of the subcomponents 癶辶乀 forming an oblong shape that looks like an 0 :

辶乀 then you might remember that the top part of 祭 and 廴 are also subcomponents, since they look like 癶 and 辶.

木 (I) tree
The only subcomponent is 朩. With a bit of imagination, the middle part of the subcomponent looks like upper case "i" with serifs: I.

水 (X) water
If you ignore the middle part of 水, the character looks x shaped. Alle the subcomponents: 氵氺乂又夂攵夊乄 is either derived from the water character (like the often used water radical 氵) or looks like the letter X.

火 (Y) fire
The sub elements all have four dots: 灬 and 兆 without儿. You might say that 火 most closely resemble the letter x, but since x is taken, imagine it looks like a Y (the two first strokes of 火 when written by hand, often looks like the first two strokes of Y).

土 (F) soil, earth
The subcomponents all have a vertical stoke with some horizontal strokes: 士丰丯耂 a bit like the letter F (except that in F, the strokes doesnt go all the way through)

Example characters edit

金 (0) gold key examples:
這 10
躚 94v0
寙 mh;0
狿 ,/90
囪 /7/0
登 0eou
鉶 0eun
祭 0eet

木 (I) tree key examples:
麻 cii
辣 ksio

水 (X) water key examples:
樣 iufx
做 asox
鹵 97xy
承 bjxk or bgy or bxx or bgbk
龍 kj9x
氯 cnx notice the n part should look like 彑
淣 xwq
兇 xwq
叟 1rrx or 1wx
瞰 3rpx
擾 ghjx

火 (Y) fire key examples:
為 ./by or /.by or jbby or j/by
鹵 97xy
犀 h1y2

土 (F) soil, earth key examples:
樣 iufx
隹 akf
畢 duf
拜 efef or vsef
恝 fnz
觰 nfd
遠 fok0
垹 ffp
用 mf
犕 2s/f