Guide to Clinical Examination

On their path to graduate, something that terrifies many medical students, is a series of practical clinical examinations (also known as OSCEs or vivas) conducted in front of an examiner, having your every move assessed, with minuscule amount of time. Some medical schools have an entire day of OSCEs, which form a large part of the overall mark for the course.

Qualified doctors and other health professionals examine people all the time. ...Anyway...

This small book intends to give a guide as to what the examiner wants, the rational for doing what is done, and some quick cheatsheets, with the main steps often used in exams.

Examination varies from place to place, and profession to profession. We intend to have reasonably complete exams, but that can still be done in a short amount of time. You can edit this book, and help improve it.

We've aimed to include examination, history taking, advice giving, and various assessments, as these are the things that appear in end-of-year (and mid-year) tests.

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