Guernsey French/Dictionaries/Folklore

These are specific words and phrases related to the stories and folklore of the island.

a floating tea leaf which indicated the drinker would soon have a fiancée
a piece of coal that leaps out of the fire, an indicator of good luck
serrated wrack. The pods were gathered in late May/early June, slit and the resulting juice mixed and bottle with rum. This was believed to relieve rheumatism when rubbed on affected areas.
Butchers Broom. A piece of Butchers Broom carried on the person would prevent witches casting spells on them.
Le Petite St. Michel
the period between 7th-10th October. If an easterly wind predominated at this time, it was believed the wind will come from the same direction for three quarters of the year.
Mourants l'âne des
an "apparition" seen in St Andrews


  • "Our Insular Dialect"