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Contacts edit

Submitting bug reports to the proper developer will help get your bug resolved quicker. Though the developers of PaX and grsecurity will forward bug reports to each other, doing so may delay the resolution of your problem.

For bugs within grsecurity features, submit bug reports to: For bugs within PaX, submit bug reports to

Bug reports can also be submitted to the gsecurity forums. (this is the preferred method). The developers monitor RSS feeds of the forums to be able to respond to bug reports quickly.

If possible, avoid submitting bug reports to the grsecurity mailing list, as it is mainly intended for announcements or other important topics.

Requirements edit

To be able to reproduce the problem you're experiencing or properly debug it, information will be requested of you depending on the type of bug you are reporting. For any large files that are requested, such as the kernel's vmlinux file, please attempt to make these available via a website (you can use a free file uploading service) as they will likely be rejected by the developers' mail servers. Additional information may be requested for debugging purposes (particularly if the problem cannot be reproduced by the developers), but below is specified the minimum requested information.

For any bug you report, please specify the name of the patch you have applied to the kernel. Please also note that the developers only support the latest test patches, as a bug reported in an older patch may have already been fixed in the latest test patch.

A properly submitted bug report that includes the requested information below up-front greatly improves turnaround time for getting your problem solved.

Compilation Errors edit

A copy of your kernel .config

Build/Linking Errors edit

A copy of your kernel .config
Your binutils version (ld --version)

RBAC Problems edit

A copy of your kernel .config
A copy of your policy file
A listing of the steps performed to produce the problem

Kernel Crashes/Hangs edit

A copy of your kernel .config
Your binutils version (ld --version)
A copy of your vmlinux file (from the kernel source tree)
A copy of your bzImage file (from the /boot directory)
A copy of your file (from the /boot directory)
The OOPS report, if one exists (take a photo of the screen if you are unable to capture it on disk). Note: we previously required that GRKERNSEC_HIDESYM be disabled for bug reports. This is no longer the case. Any recent grsecurity patch doesn't require GRKERNSEC_HIDESYM to be disabled for symbols to be displayed in OOPs messages.
A description of the machine's hardware (particularly any non-standard hardware)
Information about your Virtual Machine setup (if applicable): preferred execution mode and kernel paravirtualization
Steps required to reproduce the crash (if not before init starts)
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