Greenlandic/The Greenlandic alphabet

Basic AlphabetEdit

Letter IPA English Approximant Notes
Aa a father
Ee e care Only appears before Qq or Rr
Ff f fjord
Gg g goat
Ii i ear Becomes Ee before Qq or Rr
Jj j you
Kk k brook
Ll l land
Mm m mouse
Nn n Nuuk (Capital of Greenland)
Oo o old Only appears before Qq or Rr
Pp p pelican
Qq q No English Equivalent Like Kk but further back in the throat
Rr ʁ No English Equivalent Like the French Rr
Ss s ice
Tt t foot
Uu u school Becomes Oo before Qq or Rr
Vv v van

B, C, D, H, W, X, Y, Z, Æ, Ø, and Å are only used in foreign words.