Graphic Design/Web Design

Today, Web site Design is a very important part of current Graphic Design. The Eight C's of web design are basic things to keep in mind while designing web sites. These eight tips could also apply to other parts of Graphic design.

Eight C's of website designEdit

  • Context - Aesthetic and functional look and feel - contemporary, traditional, hip, edgy, utilitarian, emotional -- the "how" of site design. Color, humor, focus, graphics.
  • Content - Any digital subject matter on the site: text, video, audio, and graphics -- the "what" of site design.
  • Community - A feeling of membership in a group and a strong sense of involvement; shared common interests -- the "why" of site design.
  • Customization - The site's ability to tailor itself to a user or to be personalized by each user -- the "touch" of site design.
  • Communication - Dialog between the site and the user -- the "muscle" of site design.
  • Connection - Extent of formal linkages between the site and other sites -- the networking of site design. This is becoming very important as people are becoming more comfortable with using web sites to gather information and make purchases.
  • Commerce - The actual sale of goods and services on the site -- the commerce of site design. If the primary focus of the web site is to sell, this becomes paramount to the design.
  • Color - Colors should be chosen to properly inspire feelings in a viewer. For example, a law firm that wants to set a trusting tone may use dark blues. Text must also contrast with background for easy reading.

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