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Corporate Identity DesignEdit

Looking at the logo for any well designed corporate identity schema gives the observer only a superficial glimpse, the tip of the iceberg, so-to-speak, of what amounts to a complex and often heavily regulated system of graphics, phrases, and service/product concepts designed to present the strongest, best face of a company to its consumers.

Corporate identity differentiates itself from branding by referring less to the identity of a product or service and more to the identity of the organization behind the product or service, though often these commingle (The Coca Cola Company and its product "Coca Cola" being perhaps the most well-known example).

An organization's identity package can be one of its most valuable assets, and, as such, great care should be taken in its development and usage. The identity is what customers will imagine, when they think of the company. Corporate identities can define companies as old corporate names, or as vibrant imaginative enterprises.

  • Introduction
    • What Identity is
    • What Identity means to a company
  • The Logo
    • Definition of Logo
    • Logotype vs. "Icon" style
    • Applications of the Logo
    • What a logo is not
  • Additional Graphic Elements
  • The Corporate Slogan/Motto/Mission Sentence
  • Color
  • Stylistic Considerations

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