Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories/Snuff


  • Missions: Dealing Revenge
  • Location: Vincenzo's Place, Atlantic Quays, Portland


JD O'Toole wants to be on your side now so why not let him. You have to eliminate his bodyguards. Drive to Ammu-Nation and pick up the pistol that Vincenzo bought for you. Drive to the yellow marker in the construction site. Kill the first two guards that are in front of the tunnel. Then go through the tunnel and kill these two Sindacos too. Keep on going and kill JD's Sindacco bodyguard who is standing by a car. Pick up his phone as proof that you killed him. JD will call and tell you that he was watching you and that you can have that car. Just take the car to the Pay-N-Spray that is convieniently located right next to the construction sight and you have beaten the mission.


  • Kill the guard with the gun in the first set so you don't lose as much health
  • Pick up the guns that the guards drop so you have more bullets
  • The car that you get is a Hellenbach GT and probably is the fastest car you will have for a while so you should keep it


  • $1000