Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories/Outfits

There are 16 outfits in the game, once the unlocked from storyline missions and side missions wearing clothes from the game

Clothes Unlocked By
Casual Clothes In The Beginning
Leone's Suit Home Sweet Home
Overalls The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade
Avenging Angel's Outfit Fighteners
Chauffeur's Outfit Rollercoaster Ride
Lawyer's Suit Rough Justice
Tuxedo A Date with Death
The King Jumpsuit Story Complete
Cox Mascot Suit Slash TV
Underwear Unique Stunt Jump
Hero Garb Avenging Angels in Shortside Vale
Dragon Jumpsuit Crazy 69
Antonio Making Toni
Sweats A Walk in the Park
Goodfella Overdose of Trouble
Wiseguy Shoot The Messenger