Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories/Hot Wheels


  • Missions: Smash and Grab
  • Location: Vincenzo's Place, Atlantic Quays, Portland


You have to get a car stashed with drugs for Vincenzo. Drive to the car and get in it. Then you find out that Vinnie set you up and that you now have to get out of there. You can either drive to the lockup or to the Pay-N-Spray. Both of them are very far away so its your choice. Either way once you get to the lockup a conversation will ensue and now you know that that creep Vincenzo set you up. Make him pay for it and drive to the crusher. After you crushed it you have beaten the mission.


  • The choice between the Pay-N-Spray will probably determine the mission so if you are messing up try the other way
  • If you get your tires popped then go to the Pay-N-Spray first because you got almost no chance if you try to skip going there


  • Nothing but you get rid of that creep Vinnie